Partnering Your Ministry

Benefits of Partnering with your Minisrty
Our Partnership Programs are inclusive of these benefits:
  • Free full A/V system assessment
  • Free consultation
  • Charting and labeling of the A/V system for technical support reference
  • Entry of A/V system configuration into the Audio Assurance master database for service reference
  • Technical Support Hotline Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm
  • Emergency Response Program
  • Loaner equipment for repairs
  • 10- 16 hrs per year for maintenance, training, repairs and other services for use at partner’s discretion
  • Free A/V system upgrade plans
  • Discounts on staffing & volunteer training
  • Savings of up to 35% on select products and services

With the myriad of benefits that partnership with Audio Assurance affords, along with huge savings of up to 35% on products and services for a nominal fee, what church wouldn’t want to partner with us?  We invite you to take full advantage of our free analysis & consultation today.  Let us sit with your leadership and show you how we can be of great service to your church’s ministry.  With a heart for the church’s message, its people, and the media ministry we eagerly await to serve you.  Let us begin this journey of innovation and growth with you and your church today.