Established in 2004, Audio Assurance provides a professional AV technical support structure to the kingdom. With a heart for the faith community, alongside, we educate, foster, and grow our partners media ministries. Over a decade later, we have had the blessed opportunity to assist over 300 churches in the DC metropolitan area in enhancing and meeting their audio/video goals.


Accurately hearing and seeing the presentation of a worship service, concert, or stage play is critical. Souls are at stake. While some mistakenly assume that high quality audio, video, and lighting is “plug and play”, industry professionals have long understood that it depends on a complex balance between electronic equipment, acoustical factors, professional knowledge, and skill set.


Accomplishing exceptional audio or video quality can even be challenging to professionals with years of experience at times. With this in mind, far too many volunteers charged with the task of operating and managing these systems fall short of the desired level of performance. The solution to this and many other potential problems is Audio Assurance. With over 100 plus years of combined experience within our team, we have the commitment and passion for customer service that guarantees success and growth.

Our Certified Staff  & Partners

We pride ourselves in a staff of certified audiovisual engineers and acousticians. In addition to  personal certification, every Audio Assurance engineer is required to be developed further through a custom Audio Assurance certification program which is specifically designed with the church in mind. We guarantee that our operators are as professionally culture oriented and pleasant as they are technical. Begin your journey with us today!

Quality Audio & Video Solutions for your Church